We Buy Books

Yes, we do buy books

Please contact Jason Books if you are interested in selling quality books.

You are welcome to bring your books in for assessment. The store is open Monday to Saturday from 10am to 5pm.

Please be aware that there is no parking in O’Connell St. Before 11 am you can unload for up to five minutes so 10 – 11 am is a good time to come if you need to off-load a lot of books. I can also arrange for you to off-load in the loading zone on Chancery St if I have prior warning.

Usually I can look at your books straight away, but there are times when I may ask you to leave them for later assessment.

If you have a lot of books, I may do a house visit to see them. There needs to be over about 200 books for this to be feasible. I am not usually able to travel outside Auckland to see books.

I do not buy textbooks, sports books, computer books.  Most fiction I take for store credit only. Otherwise I will choose books based on my stock at the time and what I think will sell.

Payment is based on the resale value of the book and I will make an offer on your books as a group.  I cannot estimate value without seeing your books. I also offer a higher rate if you opt for a store credit instead of cash for your books.

All books need to be in at least very good condition.